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    Hello and welcome to The Whimsy Brush!


    This listing is for a design on an NIV journaling format. Semi-custom means the design and colors stays the same. The lettering can be customized. This Bible is cloth over hard board so it has a slight texture. Bible features: gilt page edges, red letter, two satin ribbon markers, and 9.5 point print size.

    **Bible example shown is based in cranberry wine with foliage added in shades of olive green and dark teal. Florals are clay and blush peach. Lettering recommended for this design is Metallic Gold or white.

    Design as shown on all sides.
    Lettering of Holy Bible or name on one side (and/or) spine, + one verse or quote.

    **Journaling format bibles have a 2" wide lined margin for writing and note taking on each page.


    **The Whimsy Brush reserves the right to publish any works created for a fully custom order.
    **No design will be published that has a full first and last name without permission to protect the privacy of my customers.
    **I receive my Bibles directly from the publishing companies in bulk. Bibles have very fragile corners and most usually will have some kind of bend, crease or wrinkle in that location. Due to the nature of the product and how frequently they arrive in this condition I am unable to avoid using them if the bend or crease is slight. Severe bends and creases are not used or they are discounted.
    **I do my very best to avoid getting any paint on the inside or edges of the pages. Because of the nature of the painting process it will happen from time to time. I will not waste a Bible if this happens. Bibles are precious and I do not believe in wasting a copy of God's Word due to a little splatter or spot of paint.
    **These Bibles are hand painted and intended for gentle use and keepsake purposes. Reckless use could result in damages, scratches/scuffs on the painted surface. Bibles can develop a small hairline split in the paint at the bend of the spine over time. This can not be prevented as paint is not intended to bend or crease. If using as a daily Bible I recommend a carrying case for added protection.
    **All lettering and florals are hand brushed and will have some visible raised strokes.
    **Please note all bibles are painted upon order, no returns accepted unless there is an error on my part.
    **Florals and landscapes will vary slightly in color from the listing photos as they are blended while wet. No two Bibles will be exactly the same but will always be very close to what is shown.
    ** If a custom verse has been requested there may need to be adjustments in the placement of the leaves and florals to allow the custom verse to fit.

    **All Bibles come with a canvas drawstring bag if no Bible bag is purchased.

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above information.

    Thank you for visiting The Whimsy Brush!
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    I accept payments via credit card or Pay Pal. No checks are accepted.

    Due to the nature of custom orders, production will not begin until payment has been received and processed.

    I gladly accept custom orders, they are subject to a customization fee which is determined once final details have been discussed. This applies mostly to items that are completely different from anything in my shop. Specialized floral requests will fall under this design fee. Please be specific when ordering to ensure I am creating exactly what you have in mind!!

    Shipping from United States

    All items are shipped USPS with tracking numbers and insurance. Priority mail packages typically arrive within 1-3 business days. Once your item is shipped you will receive an email generated through Etsy letting you know that your item is on it's way!!

    Shipping Deadlines:
    If you need your item by a certain date, please message me prior to placing your order to ensure I am able to complete it by the date needed. A RUSH order may be needed in some cases. A "RUSH" is when the customer is asking for a product or custom product to be sent before the estimated shipping time stated in the listing. I have limited RUSH order spots available so please message me prior to ordering. Rush orders will result in a $35 "rush" fee. **Please note that I guarantee a "ship by date" but can not guarantee what happens with USPS once the item leaves my possession. If you have any questions regarding shipping please feel free to message me.

    Returns & Exchanges

    I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations

    But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

    Returns and exchange details

    Custom Orders:
    If you order a custom item and there is an error on my part, (misspelling, incorrect information, etc), I will offer to redo the item at no charge to the customer. If I feel I can fix the error on the original item I will send a prepaid shipping label to return the item to me. If I feel I can't fix the error on the original item it will be replaced. If there is a mistake by the customer on an item ordered with incorrect information given on a custom request or the wrong item ordered any correction or replacement is at the customer's expense. All items in my shop are painted custom upon order. NO refunds will be issued.

    *Please note that I do my very best to avoid getting any paint on the inside or edges of the pages. Because of the nature of the painting process it will happen from time to time. I will not waste a Bible if this happens. Bibles are precious and it would be a shame to waste a copy of God's Word due to a little splatter or spot of paint.

    *Due to the custom nature and time involvement of each item a rough draft is not provided. All items are painted as they are designed. My hope is that you love the overall style of Whimsy Brush items and that you will have complete faith in my ability to provide you with a custom design. Photos are always helpful if there is something exact that you are looking for in design or color. I do not guarantee custom matching of color unless a fabric or paint swatch is sent. I will do my best to match to any photo or verbal color request. **Please note that I will not duplicate or copy any design from another artist. All items will be original.

    *Please be sure to read all information and details given in an item description. If you have any questions at ALL please message me for further information. I want to be sure that you understand what you are ordering so that you are happy with your product. Pay careful attention when ordering Bibles that you understand what is included and not included in the different options. Don't ever hesitate to message me and ask questions. It is very important to me as a business owner that you love your item when you receive it, however, it is up to you as the customer to understand the details of what you are ordering. Due to all items being custom painted upon order I do not accept returns or exchanges.

    Damaged Item:
    If an item has physical damage that has altered the overall structure of the product due to shipping I will gladly replace the item if the following steps below are followed. Please be sure to review the disclaimers in the shop policies.

    **You MUST contact me the day the damaged item is received, photos must be sent of the damaged box and the damaged item. All items are shipped with insurance included and I will file the insurance claim with USPS. Once contact with me has been made and the required photos have been sent I will gladly work on replacing your item in a timely manner. If proof of shipping damage can't be made then the item will NOT be replaced.

    I do not offer any type of warranty on my items. If there is a problem with your item I certainly want to know about it and if possible I will try and resolve the issue.
    *Bibles are hand painted and intended for careful daily use and keepsake purposes. Reckless handling can result in scuffs to the painted surface. All painted Bibles will develop wrinkles and possibly a slight split in the paint where the spine bends when opening and closing. I have done lengthy research of products and have developed a system that has improved this issue, however it can not be avoided 100% since paint is not intended to bend and crease. If you plan on using your custom painted Bible as a daily tool, which is my hope, I highly recommend that you use a carrying bag to help prevent damage. Hand painted Bibles need to be treated with care and are more fragile than your typical hard cover Bible.

    Theft: I am not responsible for any item that is stolen from the given address once the item has been marked delivered by USPS.

    Rush order guarantee: When a rush order is placed I will guarantee the "ship by date" with the customer. I am not responsible for delays due to issues with USPS and their shipping timeline.

    Sales Tax:
    Sales tax is collected in states that require it. Etsy will collect the sales tax and remit all payments directly to those states.


    All conversations will be responded to as soon as possible. I try and close my studio on the weekends when my order schedule allows to spend time with family. If you message me on a weekend it might be Monday morning before you get a response.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bibles available upon request

    UPON REQUEST (Up to a $35 up charge depending on bible version):

    *Large print is available in some versions
    *CSB "She Reads Truth" Journaling 6.25 W x 8.75 T x 2 (light base color designs only)
    *CSB "In Courage" Journaling 9.5 T x 6.25 W x 1.75 (light base color designs only)
    *Catholic "Blessed is She" Journaling bible (dark base color designs only) 6.2 W x 9 T X 1.9
    *Illuminated Journaling Bible (navy color base in certain designs) 7 W x 9.25 T x 2
    *NRSV Catholic Journaling Bible-Cloth over hard cover (available in certain designs-message if interested in this version) 6.5" W x 9.5" T x 1.75"
    *Bilingual RVR 1960/KJV NON-JOURNALING Bible (dark base color designs only) 5.5" W x 8.5" T x 1.5" (Personal Size)

    What Pens and Highlighters work best with the Bibles?

    I recommend Sakura Micron Pens. These pens won't bleed through the pages but due to the thin nature of Bible pages they will "shadow" onto the opposite side.

    I recommend the Accu-Gel Highlighters for highlighting verses. These highlighters are not wet like regular highlighting pens and won't wrinkle the pages from the moisture.

    How well do the painted Bibles hold up?

    Hand-Painted Bibles are intended for gentle use and keepsake purposes. I have worked hard to develop a special paint medium blend that allows flexibility at the bend in the spine. Although the paint is more flexible a slight split in the paint can still develop in the bend of the spine area over time. This is a natural occurrence and can't be avoided completely on any painted Bible. I also recommend a darker base color design for heavier use. Using a carrying case for added protection is encouraged.

    How to clean your Bible surface: For scuffs on a light colored design use a gum eraser. On all Bibles you can use a slightly damp soft cloth with very gentle pressure. DO NOT rub!

    Is there a warranty provided with a hand painted Bible?

    I do not provide any type of warranty. Reason why... once the Bibles leave my shop I have no idea how they are being treated. Painted Bibles will develop scratches and scuffs if not properly cared for. I do recommend using a Bible carrying bag for daily use and transporting. Painted Bibles will show wear at the bend of the spine. Paint will develop a small hairline split over time, this can't be prevented as paint is not intended to bend. I have worked very hard to find a paint/medium blend that helps minimize the splitting. This is also the reason why I will only paint dark base colors over a dark hard cover Bible and light base colors over a white hard cover Bible. Please be sure to message me with any concerns or issues.

    What are my custom options?

    Custom options and ideas include:
    -custom floral color scheme
    -choice of short song verse or scripture verse (either side) 3 to 14 words look best without looking crowded.
    -names and/or date (either side)
    -longer verses will require using both sides (additional charge for 2 side design applies)
    -Holy Bible, first name or names, last name or initials on spine

    PLEASE NOTE: A common topic is the apostrophe in the last name, here is the rule.
    *When a family name (a proper noun) is pluralized, we almost always simply add an "s." So we go to visit the Smiths, the Grants, the Grays, etc. When a family name ends in s, x, ch, sh, or z, however, we form the plural by added -es, as in the Marches, the Joneses, the Maddoxes, the Bushes, etc.

    In stock versions and dimensions

    **JOURNALING: (availability could vary)

    *ESV Journaling (dark base color designs only) 8.5 W x 7.5 T x 1.25 **
    *ESV Journaling (light base color designs only) 6.25 W x 8.25 T x 1.5" **
    *KJV Journaling (dark base color designs only) 6.5 W x 8.25 T x 1.5 **
    *NIV Journaling (dark base color designs only) RED LETTER ONLY 6.5 W x 8.25 T x 2 **
    *NKJV Journaling Red Letter Edition (dark base color designs only) 6.8 W x 8.5 T x 2 **
    *NASB Journaling Reference Bible (dark base color designs only) 6.5" W x 8.5" T x 1.75" **
    *Catholic "Blessed is She" Journaling bible (dark base color designs only) 6.2 W x 9 T X 1.9 **
    *Bilingual (Personal Size) 6.5 x 8.5 NON-JOURNALING

    How long will it take to receive my custom order?

    My current order load averages 6 weeks processing time.

    Do you off RUSH on custom orders?

    I do offer RUSH orders. Here is how it works. I am a one-person production and this is what I do full-time. Orders are scheduled Monday through Friday in the order they are received. I reserve a few RUSH order spots on the weekends that I am available to work. These spots are the only way to place a new order ahead of others. RUSH orders will have a $35 RUSH fee. If you need a RUSH order please message me prior to placing your order to ensure that I have openings available. Once confirmed I will send you a custom RUSH order link for purchase that includes the additional fee. This custom listing must be purchased within 24 hours once the link is sent. If NOT purchased within that time it will expire and you will lose your spot.

    Do you offer any other Bible versions other than what you show in stock?

    All journaling Bibles I carry in stock have a smooth cover perfect for painting. The journaling format provides extra space for note taking.

    **I am happy to search for other versions that are not offered in my shop. All Bibles must be a smooth hardcover or cloth over board surface. Unfortunately a lot of versions do not come in the appropriate type of cover for painting. I am very particular about the surface type that I paint on to keep the integrity of the finished product for long term durability. I also discourage using Bibles that have a lot of embossed lettering on the front. The indented lettering or design will show even after painted. Feel free to message me regarding any Bible version question.

    Can I send you my personal Bible to be painted?

    Unfortunately, I only sell the Bibles I carry in stock, and do not accept send-in Bibles. Without knowing the type of material on the Bible I can’t trust and promote the integrity of my product. I have found from experience that certain types of Bible covers do not accept paint well. Through trial and error I have fine-tuned my process and products to make sure that the Bibles made are of good quality.